Is your website up to date? Do you have time and resources to keep it updated on a monthly basis?
We can help you with our tailor made Website Maintenance Service.

Our specialists website maintenance service will keep your website content fresh and appealing.
This will aid your search engine placement as well as providing your customers with a richer user experience.
If you rarely need to update your site or if you simply have no time to carry it through a Backoffice,
QP can take care of it, either with a maintenance contract or even for one-time requests.

Maintenance contract :
QP can perform your site’s maintenance in terms of a volume and updates frequency-based contract.
The updates are completed within a short time, ensuring everything stays in harmony with the site’s concept.

On-demand updates :
If your site does not require updating, yet you need to change some details from time to time.
(changing a phone number, adding a client or updating a picture), QP can handle it.