Customer Relationship Management

First and foremost, QP helps you to optimize the relationships with your customers by installing and configuring the powerful tools sugar and sales force .

It allows you to acquire new customers, to encourage your sales process, to increase customer loyalty and to ensure an efficient business management model.

The CRM ensures a close relationship between you and your clients, from the very first telephone contact to detailed financial management.
The tool gives you the opportunity to manage the administrative side of your business in the most time and cost effective way without any hidden charges.

The CRM solution offers you real-time visibility into your sales pipeline, from the first client contact to the closure of a business deal.
Your employees will be able to access all relevant client data at all times.
This will result in a stronger emphasis on customer service thanks to less time spent on administrative tasks.

The CRM gives you the possibility to set-up highly targeted marketing campaigns thanks to a choice of advanced settings (client income, age, city…).
The tool also offers ways to analyze the results of your marketing activities by integrating an accurate tracking system.

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Your Advantages :
+ understand your customers and increase their constancy
+ Acquire new customers
+ Pro actively respond to your clients’ needs
+ Manage an effective communication channel
+ Optimize your sales model
+ Decrease the time allocated to administrative tasks