E-commerce website

E-commerce solutions

An E-commerce website gives you the ability to sell your products on-line just the way you want it.

Large platforms like Taobao, Alibaba or Ebay are great for listing your products quickly, but since you are limited to each site's restrictions, you can't maximize the performance of your on-line sales.

To maximize your potential, your business needs a custom-made E-commerce website that gives your customer the optimum experience in browsing, searching and of course, ordering your products. The follow-up is just as important: your custom-made e-commerce site will allow you, the business, to easily follow-up with customers and to continuously provide a top customer experience.

With your own E-commerce website, you are not just another stall in the market, you'll be your own unique store on the Web.

QPSoftware has a long experience with E-commerce.

We provide flexible and easy-to-use solutions that help you save time and money, enhance your image and optimize your results on the web.

We provide the platform to sell your products on-line, customize the look and feel of every store with professional website design and furnish you with full sales capabilities (on-line payment, sponsorship, discount coupons, multi-currency, user management, orders, stocks, statistics, etc).

Today in the booming world of on-line sales, getting the right e-commerce solution is critical. With this in mind, QPSoftware provides 2 types of services to fit exactly what you need :

E-commerce sites

Based on open-source solutions Magento or Prestashop, an effective e-commerce platform makes the management of your shop easy and hassle-free, and helps ‘funnel’ your customers to the purchase of your products.

Our tried-and-true E-commerce solutions will help you to precisely target your customer base and make it easy for you to manage your product range.

Bespoke E-commerce

QPSoftware offers bespoke E-commerce solutions, which are designed and developed to suit your company’s individual needs. For example, we created an optimized E-commerce solution for selling tailor-made shirts and costumes, with online previews of million of combinations.

Our web-store system is developed in PHP and has been tested extensively, with countless successful implementations to date. No matter what products you wish to sell, we can provide an E-commerce solutionto meet your needs.

Our web-stores can be integrated with many merchant banks via a 3rd party payment provider. We can integrate with any payment gateway, from Paypal to Worldpay through Alipay or Sogenactif from Société Générale.

It’s an elaborate process, but we are pleased to guide you through it.