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QPSoftware built a multilingual site for Peugeot Europauto using the content management system Drupal.


Landing Page

The landing page features a slideshow of images of Peugeot's range with background music (which visitors can easily pause) and access to the site in French, English, and Chinese.


Home page

The home page contains a slideshow highlighting Peugeot Europauto's advantages and an interactive map of all the countries covered by Peugeot's service.



This page features an interactive car range selector: Visitors can browse the selection in various ways: by selecting the size of their desired car from the top menu, by using the arrows on either side, or by choosing the car name directly from the lower menu. Check it out! Car names in the bottom menu are highlighted when their corresponding car size category is selected in the upper menu.

Car details

Visitors can learn more about their chosen car on this page then receive a quote for the vehicle. The client can edit the details (text, images, model features) from the back office as well.

Requesting a quote from any car detail page automatically fills in that car in the first vehicle choice on the quote page!



Visitors can view maps of France and Europe with every Peugeot Europauto center conveniently marked. Clicking on any center reveals details about each location.


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Project information

02.April 2012
Actual Website


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