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QPSoftware designed and developed a unique website with a content management system for the French fast-service restaurant Odelice.


Synchronized slideshows

The homepage features a synchronized pair of slideshows: The mini blackboard in the menu bar rotates between the featured food items at Odelice, while the main content area contains a slideshow with a delicious image and a description of the same food item highlighted in the mini blackboard. Clicking on the food item name on the mini blackboard also controls the food item displayed in the main content area slideshow area.



This site features a unique menu highlighting the ingredients used to make crepes. Each ingredient integrates the name of a menu category for site navigation, not just in English but in the Chinese site as well.


User interaction

Visitors can give Odelice direct feedback through a feedback form on the site.

They can also sign up for the newsletter through the site:


Design is in the details

The Odelice site also features a unique map, doodles, and hand-drawn illustrations to visually portray the Odelice story.


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