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The main goal of this application is that Shanghai tennis players can have a dynamic, interactive and easy-to-use website to find other members and arrange a tennis match.
A tennis ladder is an informal way for local tennis enthusiasts of all ages and abilities to meet and play matches with other similarly-skilled players at mutually convenient times and locations.

The application based on Drupal allows players to organize tennis games and different status to define a match: sent, waiting for confirmation, challenge accepted, waiting for playing, challenge played , waiting for score confirmation, challenge validated, score confirmed, challenge canceled. At each step, emails are sent automatically to both players to guide them in the process of validation of their match on the website. The rank of the players is calculated and updated automatically for every game.

The website allows to gather tennis players together in Shanghai around their passion. It has sponsors and offers products related to tennis for sale on the website. Therefore,there is an e-commerce shop with shop management through the backoffice.




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Marketing & Media
January 1st, 2010
Actual Website


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