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Bosch held a Clean Diesel Treasure Hunt during their auto car exhibition in Beijing from April 23rd to May 2nd.

5 QR code were hidden around the show. Visitors who scanned the QR code received a free gift and the chance to win prizes sponsored by Apple and other companies. The Bosch Treasure Hunt encouraged more visitors to go inside the show to check their tickets, and thus interact more within the exhibition.

The Treasure Hunt was developed in PHP/MySQL and HTML/CSS and is compatible with Iphone, Ipad, blackberry and Android smartphones. Cookies were used to ensure that visitors could only play once a day at each QR station.

From the backoffice, the client was able to generate a specific number of tickets for each day of the game as well as a specific number of winning tickets for each gift.

The statistics page in the backoffice displays the number of tickets: generated by the system, already scanned by a user and validated by the hostess.

Statistics Page:

Bosch tickets statistics summary PHP system Shanghai


Detailed Statistics:

Bosch tickets statistics detail web agency China


Login page for hostess:

Hostess login page software development


Hostess admin page to verify winning tickets:

Verify winning tickets screenshot Web development


Page to generate tickets:

Everyday, the client can generate a number of tickets with a specific number of winning tickets for each kind of gift.

Backoffice screenshot web development agency Shanghai


One of the QR Codes generated for the client:

QR code for Bosch China

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23.April 2012
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