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PreppySuit is the first online shop of tailor-made shirts in a row. We also regularly update it.

The animations, the galleries and other features have been added to enhance the browsing experience. The solution developed in php / mysql is homemade, based on a framework. Many galleries and flash animations highlight the products picture shot by the client.

A 3D setup application allows, with 3D avatars illustrations, to take your own measures on the body itself or on an existing shirt 8/directly.

The website is perfectly referenced, we optimized each page and made ​​a links campaign for over six months. The website is at the first page on Google results for keywords "costume(s) sur mesure" and "veste(s) sur mesure" further ahead from some companies with a bigger wingspread.

We also made a marketing video to promote their products. :

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Project information

Fashion Luxury
July 25th, 2008
Actual Website


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