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NOVOMANIA is a biannual international fashion tradeshow in Shanghai:

Novomania showcases the world’s premium labels in urban fashion, casual wear, shoes, premium and denim to the upper cut of Chinese buyers, media and developers. Distinctively international and independent, it brings together the best of East and West at its famous biannual fashion trade show in Shanghai.

Novomania asked QPSoftware to build a fancier and more graphically attractive website to replace their previous out-of-fashion site. They also required functionality that would allow them to facilitate registration and communication with their clients.

In term of functionality, the clients needed to be able to:

•  Add press clippings covering Novomania's activities, ordered by date and category (i.e. Country; Print or Web)
•  List available job openings, ordered by branch, contract and job type
•  Add new brands which join the show every week, ordered by category
•  Update the news module with events and information, ordered by category and date
•  Upload monthly newsletters
•  Collect user emails for the newsletter
•  Share pages on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Weibo)
•  Extract from the back-office list of visitors and exhibitors in CSV format in order to reuse it for campaign emailing


Additional functionality includes:

•  Online registration (for visitors and exhibitors)
•  New brands can login to submit information related to their brand
•  SEO
•  Web applications for mobile devices (Iphone and Android)


The CMS allows the client to change each page of the website, in both Chinese and English.



The homepage includes a slideshow: the client can change images through the back-office.



Each brands appear in this animation. Client asked for the first to be random each time you arrive on the homepage (no favoritism!)

By clicking on a brand you get the description of the brands:

You can also browse the brands by category on the left :

The Homepage also displays gallery of pictures and videos from the previous events :



Users can subscribe online to the newsletter:

Clients can also upload the newsletter on the website every month:


Social Networks


Search and auto-completion

Users can search a page using autocomplete: In this example, the system suggests all the pages containing the letter “r”


Hotel Booking

Visitors can make hotel bookings online! The Novomania website alerts the hotel booking partners of new bookings.



The whole website, including the back-office interface, is multilingual



The client can update this frame with news in this frame. Visitors can scroll the text to "read more"


Press Clippings

Visitors can search the archives by category: print/web, china/international, or by date. The pagination displays on several pages. The client can easily add new clippings via the back-office.


Job Search

Available positions are ordered by branch, contract and job type. Internet users can apply online.



Brands can also be browsed via the menu:


Visitors can filter brands by category or browse in alphabetical order.

Clients can add new brands in the back-office.


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Project information

Fashion Luxury
November 1st, 2011
Actual Website


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