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Shanghai digital project manager

QPSoftware, a web agency based in Shanghai since 2007, is looking for a project manager/team leader speaking Mandarin and English to join the team before end of 2015.


China 2015 Mcommerce Sales Reach $333.99 billion, Growth Opportunities in Mobile Ecommerce

A recent report published by about retails sales of tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. The boom in mobile devices sales reflects the growing importance of Mobile Ecommerce in China.

Chinese ICP Licensing: What, why and how to Get Hosted in China

If you want a serious web presence in mainland China, you’ll need an ICP License; and while there’s an increasing interest in cozying up to the Chinese web market, there’s not a ton of comprehensive English-language info available on what that involves.


This incredible app lets you virtually walk your friends home so you know they’re safe

Friends don’t let friends walk home alone, and now they don’t have to, thanks to an ingenious new app called Companion that is finally addressing the much needed issue of late-night safety, particularly for solo women traversing the streets of campuses and cities alike.

Why e-commerce spending has gone ‘mobile’ in China

A good article explaining why e-commerce spending has gone mobile in China. Change in consumer habits, popularity of smartphones in China, wechat and unique customer experience are the main reasons why it has become so popular.

WeChat Vs WhatsApp: Battle of the chat apps

An interesting infographic comparing Wechat and Whatsapp and an analysis of the these applications' digital strategies. Wechat is more used in China whereas Wahtsapp is more popular in the US. Wechat is better for brands because they can market on this platform but Whatsapp is more of a personal application.

Case Study: International hospital in Shanghai - Sky Clinic

At Qpsoftware we love new projects, cause every new project is a new challenge, a new challenge that allow us to express our vision and passion.

Sky Clinic is an International hospital in Shanghai that offers a large set of medical services including Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Pediatrics, Gynecology, Dentistry, Dermatology, Radiology and Traditional Chinese Medicine.


SEO Evolution

SEO trends are modified with an annual frequency, changing strategies implemented by the company. QPsoftware offers an infographic comparing the SEO in the early 2000s to today. The web has changed significantly in a very short time. Completed Lycos, Caramail Multimania ... and welcome to the virtual world of social networking 2.0 and 3.0 Facebook, Twitter, ... SEO has also changed dramatically. It incorporates new dimensions and running the one with the most links is no longer valid.

5 web sites with original web design #2

QPsoftware, Web design in Shanghai, undertakes to show you with a bimonthly rhythm, our top 5 websites with a concept and an original web design. For this second selection, discover the website Incredibox V3 created by Allan Durand , Paul Malburet and Romain Decambry. This concept was awarded at the FWA (Favourite Website Awards). It takes you explore the site designed for Amsterdam Dance Event, a navigation fluid and dynamic. Then, it offers an interactive site “Good Morning Breakfast”, fun and interactive. We continue with the French Blog La Pause, a theme simple but efficient, good design and color, created by Julien Pradier. We end with the website BJÖRN MEIER designed by BASICS09. Good visualization.

Hosting in China.

SNF China is the latest website designed by QPSoftware and hosted by our partner Shanghai-Hosting. SNF china is a professional website in Chinese-English that has undergone huge improvements from the original, with much easier navigation and neater design. Alban Taraire is founder of NETK5 Group since 2002 in Shanghai, and he is more recently the creator of is company close to its clients, attached to their motto: “the friendly hosting company“. It offers reliable hosting, reasonable prices, and support 24/7. China has specific and strong constraints in terms of hosting websites concerning corporate websites or E-commerce websites (ERP, CRM). Hosting has always been a crucial and difficult point in China, and Alban, Founder of Shanghai-hosting, advised: “To target a Chinese audience, a server in the country with both North-South connection is ideal.” More information: Shanghai-Hosting.