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Chinese ICP Licensing: What, why and how to Get Hosted in China

If you want a serious web presence in mainland China, you’ll need an ICP License; and while there’s an increasing interest in cozying up to the Chinese web market, there’s not a ton of comprehensive English-language info available on what that involves.


This incredible app lets you virtually walk your friends home so you know they’re safe

Friends don’t let friends walk home alone, and now they don’t have to, thanks to an ingenious new app called Companion that is finally addressing the much needed issue of late-night safety, particularly for solo women traversing the streets of campuses and cities alike.

Why e-commerce spending has gone ‘mobile’ in China

A good article explaining why e-commerce spending has gone mobile in China. Change in consumer habits, popularity of smartphones in China, wechat and unique customer experience are the main reasons why it has become so popular.

Case Study: International hospital in Shanghai - Sky Clinic

At Qpsoftware we love new projects, cause every new project is a new challenge, a new challenge that allow us to express our vision and passion.

Sky Clinic is an International hospital in Shanghai that offers a large set of medical services including Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Pediatrics, Gynecology, Dentistry, Dermatology, Radiology and Traditional Chinese Medicine.


5 web sites with original web design #2

QPsoftware, Web design in Shanghai, undertakes to show you with a bimonthly rhythm, our top 5 websites with a concept and an original web design. For this second selection, discover the website Incredibox V3 created by Allan Durand , Paul Malburet and Romain Decambry. This concept was awarded at the FWA (Favourite Website Awards). It takes you explore the site designed for Amsterdam Dance Event, a navigation fluid and dynamic. Then, it offers an interactive site “Good Morning Breakfast”, fun and interactive. We continue with the French Blog La Pause, a theme simple but efficient, good design and color, created by Julien Pradier. We end with the website BJÖRN MEIER designed by BASICS09. Good visualization.

5 websites with original web design #1

QPsoftware, Web design in Shanghai, undertakes to show you with a bimonthly rhythm, our top 5 websites with a concept and an original web design.

Web Design - Shanghai

Web design is the process of creating websites. It describes the tasks of designing HTML driven web pages to be displayed over the World Wide Web. Web design encompasses a number of important aspects such as colour, webpage layout, content production and overall graphical design.

Responsive web design

is a term that describes the concept of building a website design in a way that allows the layout to change
depending on what screen resolution the viewer has.

Expert Ecommerce Website Design Advice - China

From basic design tweaks to hiring a design firm, industry experts offer their best advice on getting the right ecommerce website design. When it comes to ecommerce website design there are many options for getting a unique layout and feel that matches your small business brand
and presence.

Communicating Your Needs to Your Web Designer

Communicating with a designer can be the most difficult part of the hiring process because you and the  designer don’t speak the same language when talking about the details of a website. This article explains how to get your ideas across to the web designer you want to hire.

Localization in web design and development

With localization, a website is adapted to target audiences in different countries. This includes translation of the content to different languages, using images that fit the cultural context, making sure that information (such as dates, currency, and phone numbers) appear in the correct format, and using local integrations for social networks. Read on to learn more.

Stock Photo Resources for Web Designers in China

Part of the process of web design is looking for solid images to support your website and company's goals. Custom photography is ideal, but not always an option. This is where stock photography resources enter the web design process. Once you define what kind of images you're looking for to support your website's look and feel, you can begin your search for the perfect photograph.

Our web design and development process

In a nutshell, we'll meet so we can better understand your needs, design, develop, test, migrate, and maintain. There's much more to it that that however. Read on for the details!

SEO Shanghai China

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – is, quite simply, the improvement of a website’s visibility in search engines such as Google, Yahoo! And Bing, for search terms that are commercially important for the website’s business. To achieve this, SEOs employ a wide range of techniques, including technical changes to the website’s HTML and architecture, engagement with social profiles, content quality audits, link baiting, competitor back link gap analysis and more. How important is SEO? Very. Business which have invested in SEO over the last few years have consistently outperformed their competition, and a strong rise in budgets is predicted through 2011, as the recession- busting trend of bringing in budget from other marketing channels continues.

IT solutions Shanghai China

There are far too many IT companies who want to sell you their favorite IT solution without much concern for whether or not it will meet your business needs.

At QPSOFTWARE, we are very aware that business comes first and that IT is an enabler.

QPSOFTWARE is built up from a team of skilled technologists, product developers and business strategists.

If you are looking for a dedicated and conscientious solution provider for your IT needs, we can sit and discuss the details. We have the capability, process and the technology in place to develop internet, mobile, iPhone, Android and open source interfaces customized to your requirements. We can do water fall model, we can work Agile, but best of all we develop client relationships that are tailored to meet the needs, budget and style of each individual customer instead of trying to shoe horn you through a constrained process.


Web Agency Shanghai, China

Web agency is an industry that delivers services for the imaginative and technological development of internet based products. There are digital agencies that specialize and support business initiatives focused on selling products or services to Consumers (B2C), to other businesses or industries (B2B), and to Government entities (B2G). QPSOFTWARE is a web agency operating in China in behalf of the many customers we have around the globe and believe that “every great business idea is born from the launch of a well-designed website”.

Website Development In China

Since the mid-1990s, web development has been one of the fastest growing industries in the world.
Web development is a broad term for the work involved in developing a web site for the Internet (World Wide Web) or an intranet (a private network).China has not formed one distinctive Web design style yet, because the country is big, and Chinese users are complicated in many ways. China has a large population, and the saying “the more, the merrier” applies to its Web design.