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China 2015 Mcommerce Sales Reach $333.99 billion, Growth Opportunities in Mobile Ecommerce recently reported that Chinese retail sales on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices will reach $333.99 billion in 2015, increasing 85.1% from 2014. The enormous boom in mobile device sales signifies the growing importance of Mobile Ecommerce, as more and more Chinese consumers will use their mobile devices to buy things online. Currently, 87.4% of all Chinese internet users access the web through their smartphones, while the number 74.6% in the US. Emarketer estimated that more than 10% of 2016 retail sales in China take place via mobile devices, signifying huge growth opportunities in Chinese Mobile Ecommerce.

Monica Peart, eMarketer’s forecasting director was quoted saying “The sheer number of [Chinese] mobile internet users pushes retail ecommerce activities toward mobile devices in a way that is not yet seen in the US, where desktop computers still factor quite prominently for shopping activities.”

For more information, check out Resonance’s digital marketing report on Xiaomi, China’s premier smartphone.

Retail Sales of Mobile Phones 2014

最近报道,预计在2015年,平板电脑、智能手机和移动设备在中国的零售额将达3339.9亿美元,相比2014年增长85.1%。随着越来越多中国消费者使用手机在线购买商品,移动零售的蓬勃发展,预示着移动电子商务日益显著的重要性。 目前,87.4%中国互联网用户使用智能手机登陆网页,而美国拥有74.6%用户。Emarketer估计,2016年有超过10%的零售商将通过移动端在销售产品,这也表明中国移动电子商务的巨大机遇。 Emarketer的预测总监Monica Peart提出:“中国移动互联网用户正推动零售电子商务转向移动设备,而美国尚未出现这种迹象,因此美国仍然以电脑购物为主。” Resonance China发布的中国智能手机品牌之冠小米的市场数据报告。点击获取更多详情。 “

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