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5 web sites with original web design #2

QPsoftware, Web design in Shanghai, undertakes to show you with a bimonthly rhythm, our top 5 websites with a concept and an original web design.

For this second selection, discover the website Incredibox V3 created by Allan Durand , Paul Malburet and Romain Decambry. This concept was awarded at the FWA (Favourite Website Awards).

It takes you explore the site designed for Amsterdam Dance Event, a navigation fluid and dynamic.

Then, it offers an interactive site “Good Morning Breakfast”, fun and interactive.

We continue with the French Blog La Pause, a theme simple but efficient, good design and color, created by Julien Pradier.

We end with the website BJÖRN MEIER designed by BASICS09.

Good visualization.


Incredibox V3


Amsterdam Dance Event


Good Morning Breakfast


La Pause





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