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Hosting in China.


SNF China is the latest website designed by QPSoftware and hosted by our partner Shanghai-Hosting.


SNF china is a professional website in Chinese-English that has undergone huge improvements from the original, with much easier navigation and neater design.

Alban Taraire is founder of NETK5 Group since 2002 in Shanghai, and he is more recently the creator of is company close to its clients, attached to their motto: “the friendly hosting company“. It offers reliable hosting, reasonable prices, and support 24/7.


China has specific and strong constraints in terms of hosting websites concerning corporate websites or E-commerce websites (ERP, CRM).


Hosting has always been a crucial and difficult point in China, and Alban, Founder of Shanghai-hosting, advised: “To target a Chinese audience, a server in the country with both North-South connection is ideal.”


More information: Shanghai-Hosting.

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