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Web development is a term explaining the work involved in developing a web site for the Internet or intranet, Network Company.

Web development describes some notions like the coding or programming in order to create website functionality, per the owner's requirements. Web development deals different tasks including writing and coding of the 'heart' of website without touch the design aspect of website.

Indeed, people tent to thing think that the expression Webmaster, web designer, web developer means the same.

Web development is the job of the web developer also know as webmaster, this person is in charge of the construction and resolution of the designer requests, the web designer will provide to the web developer all the registered notes about specifications and requirements.

The web developer has to define several technical specifications that are transparent for the web designer and client. Web developers have to learn different programming languages in order to be able to correctly develop a web project; some of those languages are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, XML, JSON, AJAX, LESS, and others.

When the template of the website is finished and some example content is in place, the web project should be hosted in a development server which is under control of the web developer and web designer, this initial version of the web project should be accessible thought Internet so the client and web designer can access and review it anytime, after several (normally 2 or 3) iterations of reviews, bug fixes and changes the web project should be ready.


The Web development deals with:

•          Client-side coding

•          Server-side coding

•          Database technology

Web development is also known as website development.


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