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Some points about hosting its Website in China

Some points about hosting its Website in China

A problem is often analyzed in various forums on the fact to know if it’s better to host its website in China when you are located in the Chinese market.

We will examine if it is necessary to use ‘.cn or .com’ and if the website can be blocked by the Chinese government.

*When your site is hosted outside of China.

In this case, the Chinese government can block your website no matter where it is hosted. Indeed, China has the total control of what may or may not be published or available on the Chinese territory. China prohibits only some websites with subjects such as political content, porn or gambling…

*Your IP address belongs to China, so Baidu maybe offer your site much more weight when it comes to ranking.

Your website is hosted on Chinese web, Baidu will remove sites from its index. Baidu considers site performance in their ranking performance as Google. Baidu will temporarily remove sites from its index if they aren’t accessible. It would even be reasonable to assume that Baidu considers site performance in their ranking algorithm.

*Chinese users can open your website pages with a faster speed.

When you have a website which is hosted in China, people may have a better connexion than using of a website hosted in Europe. However, Chinese users much prefer .com domains over .cn domains. Moreover, the results were just as I would expect. Finally, .cn and domains are only legally available to people that are either Chinese citizens or have a Chinese business entity.

*How can you obtain a domain .cn

You can have a domain name .cn, only if you are Chinese or you have a Chinese business entity according to the Chinese government.

To sum up, the reputation of a web is based on How to host web site in China.

  • Decide which city to host your website in China.
  • Select a good ISP (Internet service provider/hosting service provider) provider in China.
  • Select a meaningful Chinese domain.
  • Pick up a hosting service according to your requirements.
  • Apply Chinese ICP license through your ISP.
  • Launch your website after you get Chinese ICP license.

If you don’t have a registered company in China, you could not get your site hosted in China mainland. However, you could host it in Hong Kong.


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