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Our web design and development process

If you're a business in Shanghai or the surrounding areas, we'll certainly meet you in person to better understand your needs for your website, whether it's ecommerce, corporate, or any other kind of website. Don't worry if you aren't based in China, we've had clients located all over the world. We can hold Skype conference calls, stay in touch via email, or travel to your location for training.

Once we have understood your needs, we begin with the design process. This includes drawing up wireframes for your site so that we're all on the same page for the functionality and priorities of your site. With these wireframes in hand, we offer several options for the design of your homepage. We begin with your homepage because this sets the tone for the rest of your website. We revise the design through discussion according to your feedback.

After the design is approved, we cut the layouts in HTML/CSS and integrate these layouts into Drupal, or your preferred Content Management System (such as Prestashop for ecommerce, or CMS Made Simple for more smaller sites).

As the basic design is being integrated, we develop specific functionalities for your website, such as an online payment system. For one of our clients, we developed a special Drupal module that allowed the client's customers to use NovaPay. We test and debug your site thoroughly in all modern browsers. If your main client base is in China, we will also test IE6 and IE7 to ensure that all of your customers have the optimal experience of your site.

Once the design and development is complete, we integrate your content into the system so that you can have a functional site the moment your site goes live. When your site functions perfectly, we migrate from the test server to your server.

The process doesn't end here. We make sure that you understand how to update your site by providing a user guide and training.

So that your site can be found by potential customers, we also provide SEO services to bring your site to the very first page of search results.

Of course, we won't leave you to handle your site alone. We also offer maintenance services where we take the responsibility of updating the content of your site, sending out newsletters, or whatever other IT services you may require.

How do we get started? Contact us and we'll begin to design and develop your website!

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