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SEO tips for Shanghai Businesses

You've set up your business in Shanghai and you have a great website running (we'll help you design, developset up, and maintain your site if you don't). Now how do you get visitors to your site? One option: get local with SEO. Target the search giant Baidu! Here's how:

  • Get local! Have a Chinese version of your site. While it doesn't matter to Baidu if you use simplified or traditional Chinese, it matters to your target customer base. Use simplified Chinese if you're targeting mainland Chinese customers.
  • Make sure your site is hosted in China with a domain name that ends with .cn or We'll help you with hosting.
  • Research your keywords carefully. Try using and This site also has more keyword research resources.
  • Build backlinks - Quantity wins over quality (unlike Google), but don't overdo it lest your site gets blacklisted. Work on getting inbound links from Chinese sites.
  • Like Google, write your Page Titles with care, but also know that your meta descriptions, meta keywords, heading tags, alt tags, and H1/H2 tags are of prime importance for Baidu.
  • For your non-Chinese SEO work, don't just focus on Google. Work with Bing as well since Bing is in partnership with Baidu.
  • Keep your visitors around and up your rankings by creating a speedy site.
  • Use Baidu Paid Search, Banner Ads, and the large brand zone.
  • Study up on Baidu's Official Search Guidelines.


And for an all-important step:


Contact us and we'll help you through the entire process, from design to development to SEO!



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