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Chinese Web Services Integrated by Apple

Navigating the web in China may be difficult for those new to the Chinese web services scene. But the Chinese web almost always has services with similar functions: Baidu instead of Google; Renren, Pengyou, or Kaixin001 instead of Facebook; Sina Weibo instead of Twitter; Dianping instead of Yelp; Youku or Tudou instead of YouTube; and web services like Qzone, Douban and many more beyond these.

Services like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are already well-integrated into applications and products from companies such as Apple. Though already well-serviced by Chinese platforms and products, what about support from abroad for the Chinese market?

This week, Apple announced at the 2012 Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC) that the newest Apple OS X and iOS systems will not only integrate Chinese web services like Baidu, but also Sina Weibo, Tudou, Youku and email providers such as and

Not only that, those who want to practice their Chinese will be able to use Siri's voice recognition in Chinese, as well as write using improved text input and handwriting recognition for Chinese.

More information at TechCrunch and Virtual Strategy.

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