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Web agency is an industry that delivers services for the imaginative and technological development of internet based products. These services range from the more generalist such as web design, e-mail marketing and micro sites etc. to the more specialist such as viral campaigns, poster promotion, search engine optimization, podcasting, widget improvement and portable or social applications.

This kind of agency tends to differ from the more customary advertising agency and marketing agency counterparts because they rarely deliver offline work. Advertising and Marketing agencies do however, deliver digital work, often using outside sources.

There are digital agencies that specialize and support business initiatives focused on selling products or services to Consumers (B2C), to other businesses or industries (B2B), and to Government entities (B2G).

QPSOFTWARE is a web agency operating in China in behalf of the many customers we have around the globe and believe that “every great business idea is born from the launch of a well-designed website”. Our services include the consolidation or the creation of fresh and new Web sites, web designing, graphic designing, and 3D animation and web marketing.

Many of our clientele prefer web or on-line advertising because of the huge target market. According to the World Internet Users and Population Statistics, out of the 100% internet users in the world, 44% of that comes from Asia alone. This can mean enormous business transactions everyday.

Our team is confident to have all solutions to meet your Web Designing and development needs! The Internet has given a new definition of businesses across the globe. Your website is your doorway to some of greatest business opportunities. A good website has become a requirement for almost every company today, especially if companies want to secure a strong position in the industry and lead its opponent.

Trust our agency at outsourcing your Web projects without sacrificing quality. After all, customer satisfaction comes in first position. Our young and dynamic team is ready to meet your specific needs in terms of Web development, design, graphic design, and Web marketing. We take care of your details for you. If you’re selling a product or service, your site have to clearly show what you’re offering; it needs to be easy to navigate, simple and uncluttered; and must be definitely search engine friendly.

In fact, your website will be created by us to help visitors find what they are looking for. Not only for the search engine, but also, the content and the simplicity of your navigation can help accommodate new customers and maintain your customers’ loyalty as well.

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