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MailChimp: Email Marketing

In today's highly competitive business world, it is vital for companies to explore all avenues for marketing their products and services. The importance of an easy-to-use, effective email marketing service, especially one that doesn't require too deep a purse to make use of, can never be overstated. With almost half a million clients, including some very prestigious technology companies, is definitely worth a look if you're not using its tools already.

MailChimp offers simple and easy-to-use tools for sending out emails to potential clients. Its List Manager helps you build and manage huge lists of emails in a simple and hassle-free manner. You can also design and track email campaigns using MailChimp's tools.

After your free registration and login, you can start creating your lists containing all the email addresses of your potential clients. You can create many lists and manage or analyze them separately.



Then, you can build a campaign, link it to one or more lists (or segments of lists), decide what to track for that campaign, choose a template for your email (you can select a predesigned one ore make your own), write the content, write a plain-text version of your message and finally send it.



But the most interesting part is analysing the report. In the summary you can see how many emails have been opened, the number of clicks, who subscribed/unsubscribed and who complained about your email.



But if you want to see some details, it gets even more interesting. You can analyse each single link of your email and find out every single person who clicked on it!



By knowing the email addresses of the people who clicked on your links, your marketing operations will become much more specific and effective.



And if you want to have a "wider" look, there is a map showing all the countries where your email has been opened.



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